17 Mar

Ukraine : Les enjeux ...

Des villes en Ukraine :

Des cas à part … ou des situations-limite ?

D’accord ou pas d’accord ?

Le Maïdan et quelques-unes de ses suites...

Sur les frontières : je ne suis pas d'accord … Et , une voix logique !

La clef du succès ??

L’Ukraine n’est plus un confins ; l’Europe doit l’aider à ne pas être réduite à un corridor…

16 Mar

Ukraine: la Stratégie...


Discussions en cours :…


Cycles de construction culturelle :


Il faut attendre le bon moment pour négocier :… !


Protéger en même temps l’Europe et l’Asie :… !


Jeu stratégique:


Aimer c’est se dépasser :


Macroéconomie : économie sectorielle… projet social !


Et la crise fiscale mondiale ... pourrait-elle être vaincue ?


15 Mar

Ukraine: l'Histoire


De bonnes raisons de se remuer:


Pas trop de trace de volonté de puissance...


De grandes vagues de mouvements sociaux::


Quand le rêve précède la réalité (…):...


La construction européenne n’est pas un long fleuve tranquille


Parfois même le fleuve s’accélère portant les rêves plus vite encore (…)...


Après l’obligation sartrienne d’être engagé pour le philosophe, le devoir éthique de l’historien au XXIème siècle


Le rappel de ces faits historiques est très important!!!..


25 Fév

Where Does Ukraine Go -+++?



Where does Ukraine go?


The author worries about the fact that:

The country is selling its main industries to the international investors , put at stake the infrastructures , increases the national debt so as to have something purely financial in order to exchange on the financial markets , and defeat of national sovereignty of the country Ukraine;

As a consequence, in case of a lack of the political vision from the Europeans for the XXI Century, it appear very clear that the scenario BRZEZINSKI will prevail: military investment in order to prepare hard relations from Western powers towards Russia and Eurasia in order to hold up natural resources in Eurasia, with a PLAN B making Ukraine a residual asset for financial interests to prevent Russia or BRICS or Eurasia from becoming serious challengers to the American hememony for another 70 to 100 years round

Last but not least, this is serious and short-term minded strategy, because, if this new containment plan could not be implemented, in this case China would take over, all the seignorage free cash-flows for the FRS would vanish.

As a conclusion, Prof. Dmitry CHISTILIN suggests we know what to do; so we cannot say we did not know;-)

The answer to the question what expects Ukraine in the next 2-3 years worries an ordinary citizen. Economic growth? Territorial disintegration as it happened to Yugoslavia in the 1990s? Or ... the war?

Interestingly, if there is somebody in Parliament, except the opposition created by Ukrainian oligarchs, who understands what they are doing, voting for packages of laws which provide external loans and the sale of state assets.

And can we call the government headed by Mr. Yatsenyuk a Ukrainian one and Ukraine an independent country?

Thus, todaythe large foreign capital absorbs Ukraine and forms the territory of the income for its owners. In other words, the global capital of Ukraine is considered as a multifunctional corporation where you need to change the owner by means of a simple business solution – illegal takeover in the corporation and appointment of an executive director.

Starting with 2014 we witness the process of changing the owner in Ukraine. National interests, national sovereignty and the national capital of Ukraine, including oligarchic, are squeezed out and change into a foreign one.

But most importantly, Russia declared its independence and sovereignty in the international arena and inadmissibility of selling out national wealth under the “Argentinean” scenario.

But why do Western countries need World War III?

Western countries do not need it. The proprietors of the US Federal Reserve System, a large global financial capital, which is behind the scenes of these events, need it.

And here we face with the third global process occurring on the territory of Ukraine.

Let’s figure out who needs it. And why?

In other words, the activities of the Ukrainian Government bring income to the proprietors of the FRS accounting to tens of billions of US dollars. This is a price for monitoring activities of the Ukrainian Government on the part of the United States.

However, let’s estimate the loss in revenue of proprietors of the FRS, if Yuan will occupy 30% of the world economy!

However, we need to understand that the most effective way and mechanism to solve problems of maintaining financial leadership of the FRS and the global capital of Anglo-Saxon origin is the Third World War – the war implemented under the scheme of previous two world wars!

In this respect, the United States remains the main financial creditor as well as the creditor of commodity. The FRS will secure itself leadership in the global monetary system and will provide income from its position in it for the next 70-100 years.

How does the United States prepare for it?

We can state for sure that Ukraine carried away by global processes and led by its own Government moves to an inevitable large-scale war. In this article we have already described who needs it.